Cree XLamp XT-E


  • Component: LED
  • Description: Cree XLamp XT-E
  • Component Category: LED
  • Sub-Category: SM
  • How Presented: Tape
  • Pick Specifics: Nozzle picks from outer-frame of LED, does not apply forces to silicone.
  • Lightning Head Nozzle: 52578986 (H126) (This LED requires LED Feeder Window, Board Support & Software for optimal performance on HSC. Call/Email your UIC Sales Rep or complete our Online Request Form for more information)
  • Other Nozzles: Nozzles Available by RFQ
    • Application Notes: Depending on your UIC machine and head-type, best LED performance is achieved when the complete LED application is utilized. Application includes:
      1. LED Feeder 
      2. LED Board Support
      3. LED Software
  • Component Manufacturer: Cree
  • Manufacturer Part Number: XTExxx-xx-xxxx-xxxxxx