124 Lead Male Connector – RFQ02988

  • Component: RFQ02988
  • Description: 124 Lead Male Connector
  • Component Category: Connector
  • Sub-Category: Male
  • How Presented: Tape
  • Pick Specifics: Pick off surface in cavity of component.
  • Type of Head Nozzle Part # ID #
  • Flexjet 07/07+/09 (7 Spindle) 48830084
  • Application Notes: Requirements: Components must be packaged to EIA specifications. Slow Tack mode must be activated. This requires UPS 4.2 or higher software. The component leads were visioned as an SOIC with a 4 mil Upper Looking Camera-Standard Lighting part number 49554601.
  • Component Manufacturer:
  • Manufacturer Part Number:
  • Vision Information:
  • (Component Measurements) RFQ02988
  • Component Definition:

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