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Odd-Form Assembly Made Standard

Odd Form Brochure Pic

Every day, the Universal Custom Tooling Group assists customers to take odd-form assembly and make it standard. As you can see in the above picture, Universal defines odd-form components as any item that cannot be handled with a standard vacuum nozzle, feeder or machine setup.

Many customers might not realize that either; a. these components can be handled by their Universal equipment, or b. the cost of manually placing these items far exceeds any investment in tooling. To help customers realize the potential in both new and existing Universal machines, we created an SM Odd-Form Solutions brochure to that outlines all of the options available to them. Download our new Odd-Form Solutions BrochureUIC Custom Gripper


Do you have an odd-form application? Rely on our experienced Custom Tooling Group to design a solution custom-fit to your specific challenge. Whether you need a custom nozzle, gripper, track or feeder, our team of experts will design, test and deliver a solution fast. No-one is more knowledgeable about Universal equipment than our group… when you want it done right, rely on the best.


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Our customers are always on the industry leading-edge and when they need to stay ahead, they put their reputation in our hands. Whether you are working with the latest in LED technology, micro-connectors, custom switches, pins and much more, only we can ensure you are utilizing the right tooling for your UIC machine, application and software.

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