Ultrasonic Cleaners

Universal evaluated many industrial quality ultrasonic cleaners, in an effort to provide customers with a complete nozzle cleaning solution. We looked for a cleaner that performed well but one that is also right-sized to fit both nozzle removal tools width and height (see picture) yet not too large that customers would consume excessive amounts of cleaning solution. The solution provided is the best combination of performance, price and ease-of-use.

  • 1.75 Gallon Tank.
  • Side mounted drain valve.
  • Sweep Frequency (to insure no dead spots), enhances cleaning and protects delicate instruments.
  • Fits objects up to 18 inches in length, including the 93 Nozzle Removal Tool and smaller.
  • Basket internal dimensions: W/D/H (mm) 465/106/50, (in) 18.3/4.1/2
  • Easy to use time and temperature controller.
  • Auto shut-off if left on for 12 hours.
  • Cleaner kits include basket.  Replacement baskets sold separately.

Universal Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit Part Numbers:

P/N: Description:
52792840 110V Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit-5-15P Cord (Cleaner/Basket/Cord)
52792841 220V Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit-CEE 7/4 Cord (Cleaner/Basket/Cord)
52792842 220V Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit-BS546 Cord (Cleaner/Basket/Cord)
52792843 220V Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit-SEV 1011 Cord (Cleaner/Basket/Cord)
52792844 220V Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit-AS/NZS 3112 Cord (Cleaner/Basket/Cord)

Universal Ultrasonic Cleaner Individual Part Numbers:

P/N: Description:
52792826 110V Ultrasonic Cleaner w/ 5-15P (US) Cord    (Cord Sample Image)
52792827 220V Ultrasonic Cleaner (Cord NOT Included)
52792828 Basket – Ultrasonic Cleaner
52792845 Power Cord – 5-15P   (Sample Image)
52792846 Power Cord – CEE 7/4   (Sample Image)
52792847 Power Cord – BS 546   (Sample Image)
52792848 Power Cord – SEV 1011   (Sample Image)
52792849 Power Cord – AS/NZS 3112   (Sample Image)

Download the Universal Nozzle Cleaning Best Practice & watch our Best Practice Video

Cleaning Application Items:

UIC Nozzle Clean – p/n 53147101

35-Nozzle Removal Tool – p/n 52342545

70-Nozzle Removal Tool – p/n 52578980

93-Nozzle Removal Tool – p/n 52449258

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Nozzle Ultrasonic Cleaner Hanger Tool Kit – p/n 53937401

Nozzle Cleaning Wire Kit – p/n 50841901