UIC Nozzle Clean – p/n 53147101

Our nozzle team spent over a year developing a robust nozzle cleaning application that would work for all Universal nozzles and be available to customers world-wide. We found that it was easy to find an existing cleaning product that would remove solder paste and other contaminants, but it was impossible to find something that would clean effectively while NOT causing damage to the nozzle and shortening its lifespan… so we developed our own. UIC Nozzle Clean is custom-formulated to effectively and quickly clean your SMT nozzles, yet not cause damage to the nozzle tip, glue bonding or identification markings.

  • Designed to remove solder paste and other contaminates without negatively affecting the reliability or longevity of the nozzles.
  • For best performance, use in conjunction with an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Tested with the complete UIC nozzle product line
  • Sold in a 1 liter container (concentrated)
  • Part Number: 53147101
  • U.S. MSDS (others available upon request)

Download the Universal Nozzle Cleaning Best Practice & watch our Best Practice Video

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