Instant Recovery Kits

Instant Recovery Kits are a new offering being made available by Universal Instruments. Instant Recovery Kits are a low-cost set of parts that you purchase and retain in-house.

Most production sites are running 24/7. Most shipments/deliveries are not. Why wait, with production standing still, for delivery of a simple maintenance part?

In many scenarios this recovery kit will assist you in keeping production running 24/7.

Instant Recovery Kits

K78000238 KIT, LIGHTNING HD RECOVERY Manifold Seal, Qualified Spindle Assembly, Slip Ring Assembly,
Spindle Interface PCA, Strain Gage Assembly
LIGHTNING HEAD:  52408102, 52408101, 51384403, 51384401
K78000239 KIT, IL7 HEAD RECOVERY FJ Spindle Clutch, Timing Belt, Solenoid, 3-Way Valve, Altered Belt,
Extension Spring, Kevlar Timing Belt, Prox Sensor Assy, 7mm Linear Slide,
Bellows Coupling, Shaft Spacer, Square Body IL7 D,
InLine 7 Spindle Assy, Z Stop Brake Assy, Z Motor Assy
IL7 HEAD ASSY 51383601
K78000240 KIT, IL4 HEAD RECOVERY Timing Belt,, 4 Spindle Clutch, Ball Bearing, Poly Tubing, Wire Rope,
Bearing,Theta Motor Assy,Wire Pulley,Molded Adaptor Vac,
Flat Spring, Bellows Coupling, Extension Spring,Barbed Fitting,
Vacuum Unit Valve, Theta Encoder Assy, Linear Slide,
Z Up Swing Assy, IL4 Spindle Assy,Theta Encoder Assy,
Mounting Shaft, Z Up Swing Assy,
IL4 HEAD:  44457418, 44457419, 44457422, 44457423, 44457424
K78000241 KIT, Radial_K RECOVERY Rotary Encoder, Cylinder Assy,
External Pilot Valve, Emergency Stop Unit,
Air Cylinder, Safety Relay Assy – PC Board, Insert Pivot Support,
K78000242 KIT, Axial_K RECOVERY Rotary Encoder, Right Angler Luminator Assy, Double Acting
Air Cylinder,Brushless Motor Encoder, Head Lead Screw,
Emergency Stop Unit, Lead Screw Clinch,
Safety Relay Assy, ATX Power Supply, Coupling,
K78000243 KIT, 9_12 FUZION PLATFORM RECOVERY Motor Assy, Feeder Interface, PEC Lighting Assy, Fan, Amplifier X,
Amplifier Y, Power Supply, Interlock Assy Switch, Flex Cable Assy,
Safety Relay, Continuity Expansion Unit, Relay Continuity POLE,
Brushless Amp, Timing Belt, Conveyor Belt,
4998A – Fuzion37
4997A – Fuzion60
K78000244 KIT, 9_12 SERIES II PLATFORM RECOVERY Motor Assy, PCA,Feeder Interface, PEC Lightnting Assy, Fan,
Amplifier X, Amplifier Y, Power Supply, Interlock Switch Assy,
Flex Cable Assy, Safety Relay, Power Supply,
Safety Continuity, Relay Continuity,
4994A – Genesis GX-37D
4988G – Genesis GX-11D, GI-14D
4993D – Genesis GC-30S
4992C – Genesis GX-11S
4991F – Genesis GC-120Q
4990F – Genesis GC-60D
4986A – AdVantis AC90T
K78000245 KIT, 9_12 FUZION IL7 HEAD RECOVERY Spindle Clutch,Timing BELT, Solenoid, 3-Way Valve,
Extension Spring, Sensor Assy, Kevlar Timing Belt,
7 mm Linear Slide, Spacer Shaft, Bellows Coupling,
In-Line 7 Body Square, Z Stop Brake Assy, 7 mm Linear Slide,
Z Motor Assy, Altered Timing Belt, In-Line 7 Spindle Assy,

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