Universal Instruments is a proud distributor of Quik-tool Automatic SMT Board Supports

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For all single and dual beam Universal machines, we recommend the 21-inch Quik-tool pneumatic board supports. Our customers can purchase the Quik-tool starter kit or individual modules directly from UIC!

Quik-Tool Board Supports from Universal Instruments UIC

21-inch Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started, including:

1 – 21-inch High Density Board Support Module

1 – Complete Control Kit (Automatic & Manual Modes)

UIC Machine-Specific Installation Instructions

Pneumatic Distribution Manifold, Hand-held Controller, Tubing, Fittings and other required application pieces.

21-inch Quik-tool Starter Kit P/N: 52677139


UIC recommends one board support for every 6 inches of PCB width. If you have the need to handle wider boards, you can purchase additional 21-inch modules separately. 21-inch Module P/N: 52677140

Machine Type: Single/Dual Beam Quad Beam
Recommended Size: 21-inch Supports 18-inch Supports
Starter Kit: 52677139 52677151 (1 per machine module)
Individual Module: 52677140 52677152

Additional Product Information:

  • ESD protective tips have compliant flange to prevent damage to delicate components.

  • Support pin locking mechanism is isolated from pin shafts to prevent lubricants from contaminating pins and eliminates sticking pins.
  • High grade, polished stainless steel support pins are made to last forever.
  • Add and remove modules with no air flow adjustments – set it and forget it.
  • Pins are capable of higher upward pin force to flatten warped PCBs.
  • Larger tips to reduce pressure points.
  • Higher pin mass for reliable reset function.
  • Increased pin holding force prevents slippage.

Quik-Tool Board Supports from Universal Spare Parts