NOZZ FL, 1H-120-CN – p/n 49079057

Head Type: FFlex / Inline4 / FZ4 (4 Spindle Head)
Type: Nozzle
Nozzle Part #: 49079057
Description: NOZZ FL, 1H-120-CN
Nozzle Style: Hypo Pipe
Nozzle ID:
Nozzle Description: Hypo nozzle, inside diameter of the hypo is .100″ and the outside diameter is .120″.
Nozzle Changer Compatible: Yes
Keyed: No
Cross Referenced Nozzle Part#’s:
Cross Referenced Nozzle Blank Part #’s:
Cross Referenced Nozzle Tip Part #’s:
Application Notes:
Components Handled by this Nozzle: RFQ00898
Nozzle Definition: