NOZZ FJ, MP-020X060/0402-CY – p/n 49523655

  • Head Type: Flexjet 07/07+/09 (7 Spindle)
  • Type: Nozzle
  • Nozzle Part #: 49523655
  • Description: NOZZ FJ, MP-020X060/0402-CY
  • Nozzle Style: Blade
  • Nozzle ID:
  • Nozzle Description: Taper to .020″X.060″ multi port blade and keyed in the y-axis. This nozzle is keyed 90° from our standard Melf nozzle orientation.
  • Nozzle Changer Compatible: Yes
  • Keyed: Yes – Y
  • Cross Referenced Nozzle Part#’s:
  • Cross Referenced Nozzle Blank Part #’s:
  • Cross Referenced Nozzle Tip Part #’s:
  • Application Notes:
  • Components Handled by this Nozzle:
  • Nozzle Definition:

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