Multiple Strip Tray Feeder

Universal now offers a comprehensive solution to your strip feeding needs, the Multiple Strip Tray Feeder. The new modular design offers an almost infinite amount of customization, yet is so simple to setup and implement into your production process.

UIC Strip Tape Tray Feeder

  • 12.5″ x 5.3″ Base Plate with numbered holes every 4mm to consistently and easily set your feeder rails for different width tape.
  • Handles paper & embossed tapes from 8mm – 120mm wide & components as small as an 0402.IMG_3244-Correct - 2
  • Rail heights available in 1/2″ or 3/4″ (see below).
  • Rails include mechanical lock springs to secure tape in the machined tracks.
  • For use with the standard Universal Matrix Tray.
  • Usable and effective with all Universal SMT placement heads.
  • Comes with Universal instructions for feeder and machine setup, operation and care.

Part #               Description
52792804             Strip Feeder kit, comes with base plate and 6 pieces of 1/4″ rails for paper tape

Additional & Different Height Rails:
IMG_3255 - 252792816             1/4″ rails for paper tape. Quantity 2.

52792805             1/2″ rails for embossed tape. Quantity 2.
52792815             3/4″ rails for embossed tape. Quantity 2.