Ultrasonic Cleaner Hanger Tool Kit – p/n 53937401

Our nozzle team proudly presents the Ultrasonic Cleaner Hanger Tool Kit – the newest addition to our comprehensive nozzle cleaning solution. The Ultrasonic Cleaner Hanger Tool Kit includes two specially designed hangers to hold the Nozzle Removal Tools and nozzles at exactly the right height in the Ultrasonic Cleaner while cleaning nozzles. This adaptation minimizes the amount of UIC Nozzle Clean solution required to clean nozzles, while helping to clearly define the correct level of solution in the Ultrasonic Cleaner. It also keeps the tops of nozzles above the solution level, so as not to damage the white identification markings after repeated cleanings.

  • Sold as a kit that includes two hangers
  • Designed to hold all Universal Nozzle Removal Tools
  • For best performance, use in conjunction with an Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Tested with the complete UIC nozzle product line
  • Part Number: 53937401

Download the Universal Nozzle Cleaning Best Practice & watch our Best Practice Video

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