Dedicated Workboard Holders

Through hole customers with manual board handling can save valuable time and help ensure insertion reliability with dedicated workboard holders. Universal’s custom-designed workboard holders are easily installed and removed from the rotary table. They are designed to exactly fit the PCB, virtually eliminating board setup time between jobs. This is critical if your manufacturing requires frequent board changeovers. 

Why Choose Dedicated Workboard Holders? Dedicated workboard holders are quick and easy to change, reducing product changeover time. And, dedicated board holders offer better insertion reliability than adjustable holders, since there is no setup, and therefore, no room for error.

What to Consider When Purchasing Dedicated Workboard Holders…

  • Accuracy: The more accurately the workboard holder is designed to fit a specific PCB, the better insertion reliability and throughput will be. Universal custom designs and manufactures each workboard holder to meet PCB specifications and requirements.
  • Experience: Just as no PCB is the same, neither are dedicated workboard holders. Choose a supplier with enough experience to know all the angles and ask all the right questions. Universal has been designing and manufacturing workboard holders for Universal insertion machines ever since we started making insertion machines. We have served thousands of customers, and chances are, we have seen a board just like yours before.
  • Reliability: Be sure to ask about the material and process used to make the workboard holder. Inferior materials and skipped steps in the process lead to a workboard holder that is prone to warping and unevenness, which can lead to misinsertions. Universal workboard holders are manufactured from .250 thick tool and jig plate material to ensure flatness and durability.
  • Compatibility: Your workboard supplier has to know more than just PCBs. It has to know all the equipment the workboard holder may be affixed to. No one knows Universal equipment better than Universal does. We understand the clearances and capabilities of all Universal equipment, so there are no surprises.
  • Competitive Pricing: There are many workboard holder suppliers. Be sure you understand what you are paying for. Universal’s workboard holder experience and volume translate into a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Options for Dedicated Workboard Holders
Dedicated workboard holders are available in two different systems. Each system has distinct advantages and is best suited for certain production situations.

  • Standard, dedicated workboard holders, recommended for high-volume applications

Each standard, dedicated workboard holder installs directly to the rotary table and the PCB fits directly onto the workboard holder. The advantage of this system is that it offers the most durable construction, since the workboard holders are made from 6.35mm/0.25″ material to resist warping and wear.

  • Mother/daughter dedicated workboard holders, recommended for high-mix applications

Each mother/daughter dedicated workboard holder system consists of a standard workboard holder blank (motherboard) that installs directly onto the rotary table and accepts a smaller, lighter workboard holder (daughterboard). The daughterboard is custom-designed to accept a specific PCB. Daughterboards are easily installed and removed from the motherboard, which remains affixed to the rotary table. The advantage of this system is that it is economical. Daughterboards are up to 30% less expensive than a standard, dedicated workboard holder. Although daughterboards may not be as durable as standard workboard holders, you can realize significant savings if you process a large quantity of different PCBs.

PCB Information
Designing custom workboard holders is a precise business. Having complete information about your board and insertion requirements reduces the risk of design errors. The following information is best for accurate workboard holder design: a good production sample of the PCB, a hardcopy of a drill drawing or sketch of the PCB, and either a component location drawing with the components being auto-inserted highlighted or a sample of a populated PCB. However, do not hesitate to contact Universal if this information is not available, as we may have alternative solutions. In addition, when designing custom workboard holders, it is also important to know:

Is board error correction used on only the first component of each PCB or on all components inserted on the PCB?

What is the model number of the machine/machines the workboard holder is going to be used on?

What orientation of the PCB do you prefer on the workboard holder? Will the board be changed on the fly or placed straight up?

How many windows do you want on the workboard holder? We can calculate the maximum number of windows, if you desire.

Please complete the Workboard Holder Questionnaire and send it to us with your request for quotation. Need help with some of the terms in our questionnaire? Check out our glossary of terms.