Need an LED Solution?

The multi-billion dollar industry of LED lighting is forecasted to grow exponentially over the next several years. Universal has been working directly with key LED suppliers in an ongoing effort to optimize our LED application. A common industry misconception is that you can treat the latest generation of LEDs like any other component… simply find a nozzle to pick and place it. In reality, there are a host of unique criteria which must be considered and can vary greatly from one application to the next. For instance…


  • What is the durometer and subsequent tackiness of the LED?
  • Does the LED stick to the tape pocket or Mylar tape?
  • How compliant should the board support be to handle proper placement?

… just to name a few.

Our experts have spent several years working closely with customers and component manufacturers to create the complete LED solution. If you are working with newer generation LEDs, the right solution will ensure your machine performs at peak levels. Depending on the LED, we have all the application elements to ensure peak performance…

  1. Nozzle: Yes, you still need the right nozzle. Our team has created LED specific nozzles that were designed to handle the specific component characteristics of each LED type.
  2. Board Support: The proper board support is equally important to ensure accurate placement. Our LED specific board supports are designed to fit your application and significantly improve performance.
  3. Feeder: Dependent on the LED you are working with, our team has designed a special tape window to handle your component and limit the LED from sticking to the Mylar and allow proper picking.
  4. Software: This is the final and equally critical part of the LED solution. Our software experts tested over 10 million components analyzing every millisecond of the pick and place process. By utilizing high-speed cameras, we identified the proper mix of speed, air kiss and more to complete this solution into an easy-to-install and use software upgrade for your UIC machine.

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