Adjustable Vibratory Track – p/n 51620022

  • Adjustable Vibratory Track
  • Part Number: 51620022
  • Part Description: Track Asm, Adjustable
  • Accommodates 1-3 separate part numbers at a time
  • Maximum Component Dimensions: 2″ Wide x 5″ Long x .3″ Tall (Height is measured from bottom of the component to the pick surface.)
  • Feeder teach must occur in NPI
  • For use with Standard UIC Vibratory Track Base Feeder Part Number: 44762002

Track Limitations:

Tubes that control the component from top of the component body are susceptible to miss-picks when run in the adjustable track feeder.  The reason being, that when the top of tube is cut at the presentation point, for a vertical pick, the controlling feature has been removed and the component is allowed to move left to right until the component body or leads contact side of tube.  This scenario will not allow for a consistent pick point, cause the nozzle to leak vacuum and result in miss-picks. Any components and packaging with this controlling feature are not ideally suited for this application and should not be run within the adjustable track feeder.

Examples of component types with this issue are SOIC, MSOP, SSOP and TSSOP. These component types may be controlled, within the tube, at the top of the component and result in miss-picks.

Recommendation: A dedicated track is recommended for any components that meet this definition. In some cases, a smaller footprint nozzle is also recommended. For a free evaluation, submit an online custom tooling request.

Adjustable Vibe TrackAdjustable Vibe Track 2