Adjustable Gripper Nozzle Now Available For the Fuzion-7 & InLine-7 Heads.


Save time and money with UIC’s new versatile gripper! Handle a variety of components without having to purchase a custom gripper for each.

  • Comes with 5 sets of tooling jaws to handle a variety of components types and shapes; including connectors, headers, switches and a full array of odd-form devices
  • Handles components up to 12.7mm wide & 150mm long
  • Designed to pick from tape, as well as trays & other feeding solutions
  • Comes with detailed instructions & suggested configurations for the tooling jaws, pushers & spacers included
  • Includes additional hardware and wrench

Part Number: 51758803

This Gripper Nozzle was designed to handle the vast majority of components within the size limits. The component and packaging physical characteristics, of certain applications, may require a custom gripper.

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