Adjustable IL4/FZ4 Gripper Nozzle – p/n 47794302

  • Head Type: Flex/Inline4 / Fz4 (4 Spindle Head)
  • Type: Nozzle
  • Nozzle Part #: 47794302
  • Description: Quick change adjustable IL4/FZ4 Gripper Nozzle
  • Nozzle Style: Gripper
  • Nozzle ID:
  • Nozzle Description: Gripper Nozzle with adjustable range of grip from 0″-.805″
  • Nozzle Changer Compatible: Large Bore (Flex Head Only)
  • Application Notes:
  • This gripper nozzle attaches using the standard nozzle adapter.
  • Can be setup for either an X or Y pick orientation.
  • Comes complete with setup procedures and additional pushers.
  • Compatible with large bore nozzle changer.
  • Requires Z safe, which is standard with 3.0 or higher software, to be enabled.
  • User defined nozzle in Nozzle Database.
  • Proper component and gripper jaw clearance is required, during pick and place, for gripper operation. The Delay Before field located in the Head Configuration screen can be adjusted to allow the gripper to make contact with the component before vacuum is turned on and the gripper jaws close. This will stop the gripper from prematurely closing.
  • Software level 3.2.2 or higher is required.
  • Components Handled by this Nozzle: RFQ01168 RFQ01169 RFQ00838 A2695 A2178 A1755 A1602 A1600 A1434 A1497 A1408 A764 A2500 A2876 RFQ00347 A2261 A2614 RFQ00324 RFQ00322 RFQ00320

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