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What are the primary benefits?

  1. Life span: Instead of a thinner walled nozzle tip that you’ll find on a conical design, the bladed design allows for more material and a stronger geometric shape.
  2. Component skewing: The new nozzle tip design offers more surface area that is in contact with the component during pick and place… this and the improved multi-port design results in better performance.
  3. Nozzle tip contamination: Older bladed nozzle tips were more susceptible to tip contamination, that was because the footprint of the nozzle tip was larger than the component and therefore it overhung the part during placement. Our newest design doesn’t overhang the part at all, drastically reducing nozzle contamination.

All of these qualities in a ceramic nozzle that meets our strict ESD-Safe standards.

  • Head Type: FZ30 / Lightning / HSC
  • Type: Nozzle
  • Nozzle Part #: 51305434
  • Description: 30-Spindle 0603 Ceramic Blade Assy (3040)
  • Nozzle Style: Standard
  • Nozzle ID: 3040 (previously T030)
  • Nozzle Description: ESD safe, 30-Spindle Nozzle Ceramic Blade Tip 0603
  • Nozzle Changer Compatible: Yes
  • Keyed: Yes – X
  • Components Handled by this Nozzle: 0603