35 Nozzle Removal Tool

The 35 Nozzle Removal tool is used to quickly remove, clean and re-install up to 35 nozzles at once.

The Operator can utilize this tool to remove the nozzles in their original order, and keep each nozzle secured while they are cleaned in the ultrasonic bath, rinsed and air cleaned before being re-installed in their original location. This will significantly reduce the time required to clean the nozzles and ensure that each are re-installed in the correct location.

Part Number: 52342545

The suggested purchase is 2 units to handle all nozzles during a single cleaning process. For information on our 93 nozzle removal tool, Click Here.

Download the Universal Nozzle Cleaning Best Practice & watch our Best Practice Video

Cleaning Application Items:

UIC Nozzle Clean – p/n 53147101

35-Nozzle Removal Tool – p/n 52342545

70-Nozzle Removal Tool – p/n 52578980

93-Nozzle Removal Tool – p/n 52449258

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Nozzle Ultrasonic Cleaner Hanger Tool Kit – p/n 53937401

Nozzle Cleaning Wire Kit – p/n 50841901