30-Spindle Head Spindle Tester – p/n 51390504

Universal is pleased to announce significant user and reliability improvements for 30-Spindle Head Spindle Tester!

Key Improvements:
– Test time reduced from 4 minutes to 30 seconds per spindle
– On screen instructions clearly identify steps required to setup and perform test
– Test parameters updated to more accurately verify spindle function as used on the machine
– Software/Firmware installation and drivers improved to prevent start up delays
– Corrected spindle serial number and date presentation errors
– Multiple “bug” fixes
– Upgrades to currently installed 30-Spindle Head Spindle Testers will be available free of charge.
– It is strongly recommended that all Spindle Testers be upgraded to version 2.8 which include the improvements listed above.
– Clear graphical representation (exploded view) of failures (see below)