“V” Notch Clinch Tooling – p/n 49697704

  • Part Number: 49697704
  • Part: 2.5 Std N Inward “V” Clinch
  • Description: Radial Inward V Style Clinch
  • Machine Type: Radial
  • Function Type: Clinch

Application Notes:

  • Well suited for Square Lead Applications (i.e. Through Hole LED Applications)
  • V Clinch controls movement of square faced leads against the cutter face, minimizing “lead twist.”
  • Prevents lead angle deviation which can contribute to LED performance issues and/or lead shorting in high density applications.


“Before” Picture: Twisted Leads

V Notch Clinch Tooling - Before Pic                                    

 “After” Picture: Straight Leads

             V Notch Clinch Tooling - After Pic