Worldwide Part Sales and Distribution Policies

Product Support Policy: Our goal is to provide you with the capability to use your Universal Instruments equipment for the full life cycle of that product. With that in mind, we pledge to support service parts for a minimum of seven years after the last date of manufacture. As long as demand exists for a specific part, we will continue to forecast sufficient quantities to fulfill the expected requirements. Once the product is no longer eligible for support and there is no demand for a part, that part’s status will change to make-to-order.For further information regarding the support status of a specific product, contact the appropriate technical specialist or your local field engineering office.

Make-To-Order Items: Due to their unique nature, make-to-order items require longer lead times. We recommend you carry inventory of these items if you wish to maintain production service levels on some of our older products. Any item designated as make-to-order with a price of $300 or more requires a signed purchase order before processing. Once processed, make-to-order parts cannot be cancelled or returned.

General Information

1. Buyer is responsible for parts installation and check-out unless otherwise specified in our quotation.e the Universal Instruments’ representative a detailed explanation of the problem or reason for return.

2. Prices are subject to change without notice.

All correspondence concerning service part warranties, claims, returns, and adjustments should be directed to your local sales office.

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