Tape Feeders

High Performance (Gold) Dual Lane Feeders *0201 Capability Standard 49889215 – 8 mm High Performance(Gold Plus 60) Dual Lane 7″ 50381215 – 8 mm High Performance (Gold Plus 60) Dual Lane 7″-13″ Note:  A 42 VDC PrecisionPro feeder interface is required to run these feeders.   High Performance (Gold) Single Lane feeders 50934707 – 8mm High Performance (Gold […]

Refurbished Platform Feeders & Tracks

Save Maintenance Dollars with Universal’s Refurbished Feeders Take advantage of our factory refurbished feeders, priced at exceptional savings. Orders accepted for in-stock quantities only.   Pneumatic Feeders and Tracks Located at our Binghamton, NY Hub Part Number Description Quantity R45264302 REFURB TRACK ASSY 44 PIN 1 R47027034 REFURB TRACK ASM 44 PIN SOIC 1 R46636602 REFURB […]

Quadris Machine Feeders

Quadris-3 is an innovative high volume placement solution that incorporates the latest advantages of both turret-style and overhead gantry technologies to deliver concentrated throughput in a small footprint. Extremely adept at placing even the smallest SMD passives and CSPs, Quadris-3 is designed to place small parts with ease and consistency. Four gantries with dual-drive linear […]

Green and Gold Feeder Side Cover Kits

The 8mm DL Tape Feeder Side Covers have been changed to improve the wear life by virtue of a High Temper material that resists bending, as well as the introduction of a cone Washer (and mating side cover hole change) that allows the covers to “float” which minimizes bowing. Select your kit below to see […]


HSP Feeder Clearance Sale – Receive Over 70% Off!

Universal is clearing out our current inventory of HSP Feeders! Receive over 70% in discounts on select inventory by purchasing by December 31, 2012. New 4797 HSP Feeders UIC Part #: Feeder Description: Min. % Off: 48561111 FDR, 4797, 12mm, 12 x 4 E, 178 mm 70% 48561112 FDR, 4797, 12mm, 12 x 8 E, […]



Multiple Strip Tray Feeder

Universal now offers a comprehensive solution to your strip feeding needs, the Multiple Strip Tray Feeder. The new modular design offers an almost infinite amount of customization, yet is so simple to setup and implement into your production process. 12.5″ x 5.3″ Base Plate with numbered holes every 4mm to consistently and easily set your […]