Polaris C2 & C3 Support Kits

Today’s production environment focuses on increased production yield while reducing costs. One of the key factors to meeting these objectives is proper maintenance and eliminating down time on your Polaris assembly equipment.

In an effort to provide additional support, Universal Instruments is offering recommended on-site spares kits.

We recommend kits should be kept at your facility, on-hand for immediate access.

Don’t be caught in a critical situation. Be prepared. Order Polaris C2 and C3 Support Kits.

C2 = Wear and Consumable Parts
C3 = Planned Maintenance Parts
See Table Below. Click on Description to View Individual Kit Contents. Click on P/N to Order:

Description Kit
Polaris Base Machine (C2 Support Kit) K70002719
Polaris Servo Gripper Head (C3 Support Kit) K70002720
Polaris Product Transfer (C3 Support Kit) K70002768
Polaris Active Clinch (C2 Support Kit) K70002769
Polaris Active Clinch Tooling (C2 Support Kit) K70002770
Polaris Triple Stage Product Handling (C3 Support Kit) K70002779
Polaris LCD (C3 Support Kit) K70002799
Polaris Triple Stage Product Transfer (C3 Support Kit) K70002848
Polaris Multi Process (C3 Support Kit) K70002901
Polaris ESD Triple Stage Product Transfer (C3 Support Kit) K70003049