Case Studies

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A Clean Break – Part 2

One of the most critical steps to a robust SMT process is having clean nozzles. Contaminated nozzles can lead to miss-picks, skewed placements and even missing components. Universal Instruments has developed a vital process to keep nozzles clean. Following this process, while maintaining a proper cleaning schedule, will keep the nozzles performing at an optimal […]

What you need to know about ESD-Safe nozzles…

“There is no such thing as an ESD-Safe machine without an ESD-Safe nozzle.”   UIC was a pioneer in ESD-safe machinery and tooling, so when an opportunity to validate this investment presented itself… we took it. We surveyed over 10,000 customers and asked “How important is ESD to your operation?” Here’s what they said… As […]


Meet “Bullwinkle.” Lovingly named after everyone’s favorite fictional moose…   … see the resemblance?   Our Special Applications Team was recently tasked with picking and placing a very large and unique edge connector for a customer’s automotive industry application. The component is tray fed and, as you can see in the included picture (left), is […]

A Clean Break

Some of the world’s best inventions solve some of the least glamorous problems. Today’s case study centers around SMT nozzle cleaning… a less than glamorous duty, yet vital to a smooth running operation. Our Special Applications team was working diligently in the lab one day when it became apparent that a nozzle cleaning was necessary. […]