A2505 (Vision Information)

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Component ID: A2505
Component Type: SOIC
Description: For Reference Only
Line Placement: Not Applicable

Body Information
Component Length (1/1000″): 275.0
Component Width (1/1000″): 1455.0
Body Length (1/1000″): 100.0
Body Width (1/1000″): 1340.0
Component Height (1/1000″): 280.0
Placement Pressure (grams): 150
Primary Nozzle: 48830010
Alternate Nozzle: 48830010
FJ Primary Nozzle: User Defined
FJ Alternate Nozzle: User Defined
Accuracy: Standard
Pre-Orient: No
FlexJet Tact Control: Fast

Lead Information
Vision Information
Lead Inspection: No
Lead Tolerance From Body (1/1000″):
Lead Tolerance Across Body (1/1000″):
Lead Spacing Tolerance (1/1000″):
Lead Len Positive Tolerance (1/1000″):
Lead Len Negative Tolerance (1/1000″):
Coplanarity Tolerance (1/1000″):
Colinearity Tolerance (1/1000″):
P2P/NCC8 Ligthing Type: Front – Lit
P2P/NCC8 Ligthing Level: 4
Flexjet OTHC Front-Lit:
Flexjet OTHC Side-Lit:
Flexjet OTHC On-Axis-Lit:
Inspection Type: High Accuracy
P2P/NCC8 Camera/Mag: 4.0 Mil
Flexjet OTHC Camera/Mag:

Feeder Information
Default Feeder: Matrix Tray
Default Rotation in Feeder (degrees): 0
Reject Station: Belt Reject